Conductive Epoxy Self-Leveling Topcoat CP416S

CP-416S is a conductive/anti-static flooring system based on our self-leveling epoxy topcoat system. It contains high-quality carbon fibers imported from Japan which effectively improved the discoloration problem. This specialized topcoat helps to greatly reduce or eliminate the potential of accidental electrostatic discharge, which can damage sensitive electronic components during manufacture. 

  • Suitable for : Electronic plants, IT industry factories, Laboratories, Healthcare facilities, Projects require Anti-static or Conductive Epoxy Floors   
  • Package & Mixing Ratio : 20 kg/set of Part A 16kg and Part B 4kg ; A : B = 4: 1
  • Recommend Coverage : 1 kg per m2 
  • Conductivity : 104-6 Ω, 106-8 Ω, customized between 104-8 Ω is available
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